Paper in PLOS ONE accepted

Dynamic longitudinal behavior in animals exposed to chronic social defeat stress - paper was accepted for publication in PLOS ONE.

Two new PhD-students joined the CSG group

Stanislav Sys and Stephan Weißbach joined the CSG group in May 2020 in their new role as PhD students.

Paper in Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences accepted

Prevention of age-associated neuronal hyperexcitability with improved learning and attention upon knockout or antagonism of LPAR2 - paper was accepted for publication in Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences.

Paper in Gut Microbes accepted

Germ-free housing conditions do not affect aortic root and aortic arch lesion size of late atherosclerotic low-density lipoprotein receptor-deficient mice - paper was accepted for publication in Gut Microbes.

Paper in Frontiers in Microbiology accepted

Impact of acute and chronic amyloid-β peptide exposure on gut microbial commensals in the mouse - paper was published in Frontiers in Microbiology.

Paper in MDPI Nutrients accepted

Alpha-Linolenic Acid-Rich Diet Influences Microbiota Composition and Villus Morphology of the Mouse Small Intestine - paper was published in MDPI Nutrients.

Paper in PLOS ONE accepted

Applying univariate vs. multivariate statistics to investigate therapeutic efficacy in (pre)clinical trials: A Monte Carlo simulation study on the example of a controlled preclinical neurotrauma trial - paper was published in PLoS One

Paper in Science Advances accepted

"SPA" - Low-cost scalable discretization, prediction, and feature selection for complex systems was published today in Science Advances.

Nanopore Sequencer MinION

We are very excited to start our first adventure in nanopore sequencing, using the portable MinION.

Funding for Emergent AI Center

Together with the Institutes of Physics, Computer Science and the Max-Planck-Institute for Polymer Research, we were able to raise funding from the Carl-Zeiss-Stiftung for an interdisciplinary research center on the topic "Algorithmic Intelligence as an Emergent Phenomenon".  Further information can be found with in the press-release (in German) and on the Emergent Algorithmic Intelligence Center's website.