Nicolò Alagna

About me

Nicolò Alagna
Postdoctoral researcher
Anselm-Franz-von-Bentzel-Weg 3, 55128 Mainz

Current project

I mainly focus on developing new mathematical and machine learning methods to investigate biophysics and bio-chemistry systems that require bid data analysis. In detail, I am currently working on two main projects: 1) analysis and extrapolation of molecular dynamics information; 2) analysis of nanopore RNA signal for base and modification identification.

The aim of the first project is to analyze time resolved signal using machine learning techniques to extrapolate physical properties of the systems (which include rate constants, kinetic model, etc) and to understand how and what controls the evolution of the whole system.

The second project I am working on also includes the use of machine learning techniques, but in this case applied to the analysis of the RNA signal obtained from Oxford Nanopore technologies. In this case, my goal is to find a method that can analyze the RNA signal with high precision for the identification of RNA modifications, which are linked to several diseases including cancer formation.