Mohit Navandar

About me

Mohit Navandar
Phone:+49 6131 39 20141
Gebäude Biozentrum 1, Hanns-Dieter-Hüsch-Weg 15, 55128 Mainz

Current project

Multicellular organisms have diverse cell types. Despite several studies, we are still lacking the characterization of different cell types, understanding of its functions, state and diversity. Currently, single cell technologies enable us to look into these lacking parts. In my research, I am particularly looking for the method improvement and development for understanding different cell types from single cell transcriptomics and epigenomics datasets. In order to understand how different cell types governs mutual regulation, it is also necessary to decipher gene regulatory network governing the specific state of cells. Hence, I am also implementing mathematics and machine learning approaches to understand gene regulatory network underlying specific cell state.


Navandar M*, Garding A*, Sahu SK, Pataskar A, Schick S, Tiwari VK 2017. ERK signalling modulates epigenome to drive epithelial to mesenchymal transition. Oncotarget 2017; PMID: 28418928

Shrikant Bhute, Pranav Pande, Sudarshan Anand Shetty, Rahul Shelar, Sachin Mane, Shreyas Kumbhare, Ashwini Gawali, Hemal Makhani, Mohit Navandar, Dhiraj Dhotre, Himangi Lubree, Dhiraj Agarwal, Rutuja Patil, Shantanu Ozarkar, Saroj Ghaskadbi, Chittaranjan Yajnik, Sanjay Juvekar, Govind K Makharia, Yogesh S Shouche 2016. Molecular characterization and meta-analysis of gut microbial communities illustrate enrichment of Prevotella and Megasphaera in Indian subjects. Frontiers in Microbiology 2016; PMID: 27242691