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Base and RNA modification detection in Nanopore RNA sequencing data by using Machine Learning

Various RNA modifications occur dynamically and reversible and have an impact on the folding and the chemical composition of RNA post-transcriptionally. Because of their effect on the function and stability of the RNA molecule, RNA modifications play an important role in biological processes and diseases.

The Nanopore RNA sequencing data that will be used in the course of this project has been conducted from synthetical RNA, synthesised in a cooperation between the Helm and the Gerber working groups. The project is first faced with the problem of how to handle the given file formats from Nanopore RNA sequencing data to implement the input and output tensors for a neural network. In the course of benchmarking, different machine learning approaches will be compared and own adjustments to improve network structures will be conducted. The final goal remains to have a pipeline that can make predictions about RNA modifications for unknown Nanopore RNA sequencing data and to figure out which machine learning approaches suit the problem the best.