Dewi Hartwich


About me

Dewi Hartwich
Research assistant and PhD-student
phone: +49 6131 17-5797
Langenbeckstr. 1 Geb. 706 4.Stock

Current projects

  • Intronic variants detection and validation in unsolved whole exome sequencing
  • Importance of functional analysis in clinical diagnostic setting
  • Deciphering the Epigenetic basis of Resilience
  • Cotargeting miRNA in developing mouse cortex



Kimia Kahrizi, Mareike Huber, Danuta Galetzka, Sri Dewi, Julia Schröder, Eva Weis, Ariana Kariminejad, Zoherh Fattahi, Hans-Hilger Ropers, Susann Schweiger, Hossein Najmabadi, Jennifer Winter. Homozygous variants in the gene SCAPER cause syndromic intellectual disability. Am J Med Genet Part A. 2019;179A:1214–1225. DOI

Sonia Casanovas, Laura Schlichtholz, Sophia Mühlbauer, Sri Dewi, Martin Schüle, Dennis Strand, Susanne Strand, Lea Zografidou and Jennifer Winter. Rbfox1 Is Expressed in the Mouse Brain in the Form of Multiple Transcript Variants and Contains Functional E Boxes in Ist Alternative Promoters. Front. Mol. Neurosci. 2020, 13:66.

Martin Schüle, Tamer Butto, Sri Dewi, Laura Schlichtholz, Susanne Strand, Susanne Gerber, Kristina Endres, Susann Schweiger and Jennifer Winter. mTOR Driven Gene Transcription Is Required for Cholesterol Production in Neurons of the Developing Cerebral Cortex. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2021,22, 6034.